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Infoman offers a wide range of consultancy services in records and archives management, library management, Information
Technology, Knwoledge management and e-learning.

Records & Archives Management
  • Infoman supports organizations in streamlining their records management systems and programmes, whatever the format - paper or electronic,. to enhance professionalism aimed at achieving efficiency and economy in line with the organizations aims, objectives and strategy. We also provide high-volume document digitization/scanning services and document management systems.

  • Knowledge Management

    Knowledge management is a growing phenomenon in many organizations today.. It concerns the effectiveness with which the managed knowledge enables the members of the organization to deal with today's situations and effectively envision and create their future. Our consultancy areas in knowledge management include knowledge taxonomy creation, knowledge management strategy development, indigenous knowledge management and capacity building in knowledge management.

  • Library Management

    With increasing demand for education and knowledge, libraries continue to be critical resources in information management.. We therefore support library systems and programmes in collection development, user-studies and capacity building in user-services, library automation, e-library management, cataloguing, classification, indexing and evaluation amongst others.

  • Performance Management

    Performance management has been a key point of interest in organizations today as organizations focus on aligning all its activities and employee efforts to organizational strategy.. We provide support on performance management through training and implementation of the balanced scorecard tool of performance management.

  • Information Technology

    Based on the realization that IT is a critical tool in information management, Infoman provides IT consultancy ranging from software development, support services, networking, website development and capacity building. Infoman also develops IT solutions for Library and Records Management functions

Upcoming Trainings

Automating Records Management Processes, 15-19 Sept 2015

A practical-oriented course on assimilating ICTs in Records Management. This is a five-day hands-on and practical programme providing insights on how ICTs can be integrated in records/registry management operations in organisations. Read More


The Insight - Release 1

Will “paperless office” Really Come? Read More

Our Clients

  • Kemri
  •  Cooperative College
  • Central Bank of Kenya
  • Council for Literacy                  Development

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